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Future of the Sangheili Eminence

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Future of the Sangheili Eminence

Post by Apex Jar 'Zanoee on April 11th 2014, 10:46 pm

For many of you, Reach has finally lost it's luster. Playing the same maps against disorganized players is no longer satisfying. Dishonorable raids against despicable people is no longer fulfilling. What does this mean for the fleet? To me, it is a sign of maturity. Some of you wanted to see this fleet become the pinnacle of the community, some of you wanted to become a bastion of hope, but these are not my aspirations. My aspirations have been fulfilled.

Throughout it's history, the Sangheili Eminence has been revered as one of the most prestigious fleets in all of the community. Whether it was my vain attempts of reliving the past, or Makuta's intentions of controlling the community, this fleet has remained strong thanks to the people that chose to remain by my side. I would like to thank all of you for helping me to bring this fleet back to what it was originally intended to be.

Warriors of the Sangheili Eminence, Destiny is upon us. I believe that together we can transform this fleet into something greater. With the ashes of the Eminence, we can give birth to a phoenix. I am talking of course about Forces of the City. FOTC is a clan that I have been sculpting and creating since the autumn of 2012. With Reach fading and the Destiny Beta nearly 3 months away, I ask those who consider themselves loyal to make a commitment.

What is this commitment? During the fleet's dormancy, you will be free to do whatever you wish (hone your skills, play with other clans, play other games). Those of you who trust my leadership will be given an opportunity to reunite with me when the Destiny Beta releases (and subsequently when the game launches in September). You will be the Vanguard of the FOTC and will receive a Beta code from me sometime in May.

Destiny will be a place of greater opportunity. There will be new places to explore, new people to recruit, and new ways to progress. You can experience it all with me in FOTC. Whether you choose to take this journey with me or not, the Sangheili Eminence will remain derelict. I hope you all enjoy your time on Xbox Live and I'll see you all on Destiny. Farewell, my brothers.


"Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it."
― Apex Jar 'Zanoee

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