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Fleet Downsize

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Fleet Downsize

Post by Apex Jar 'Zanoee on April 2nd 2014, 11:54 pm

Due to a variety of circumstances, I will be downsizing the responsibilities and ranks of the majority of the fleet. This is not an error on the part of the demotees; you have done nothing wrong. It is simply an error on the part of High Command. Everyone was promoted too early and no one was performing to standard. You are expected to take your demotions with honor and work towards re-earning your ranks. Those who are receiving demotions are as follows;

All Majors (with the exception of Sgt Rorschach) have demonstrated a lack of discipline,  maturity, and leadership. It is for this reason, that Ripa 'Kulasee, XxRiOtxK1LLERxX, and SneakyHashbrown, are being demoted to Minor, while Zorr 'Kulasee and Zoah 'Vrotalee are being demoted to Minor on the grounds of inactivity. You will be eligible for promotion upon proving to me that you can control your behavior in and out of matchmaking at all times. You must also prove to me that you grasp the concept of basic leadership. Those of you who struggle with the latter may seek Dalgon Zavree for basic leadership training. You will be given chances to prove your leadership during training.

Ultra Dalgon 'Zavree, you have done nothing wrong. However, you are being demoted to Officer because Axio needs to prove to the fleet that he can still co-run it. I expect your full understanding and cooperation. You are still responsible for training the Minors and teaching them how to communicate, cooperate, and act properly. Those who seek leadership training will come to you as well.

Field Master Avu Med 'Kulasee, you are being demoted for the same reason as Dalgon. Once again, I expect you to take this demotion with valor. Your rank is General. I know you can do this.

Shipmaster Axio 'Zanoee, you are being given a chance to prove your commitment to this fleet. I understand that you will be taking a short LOA, and that will be made clear to the rest of the fleet. However, as soon as you return, you are expected to DO YOUR DUTY. I cannot postpone this any longer. No more chances after this. Failure to do so will result in undesirable consequences. You are a General with Avu. Hopefully this will allow you two to compete. I hope you understand.

Special Warfare, your evaluation will be on Friday. Prove to Caon that you are worthy of the rank of Stealth, and you shall keep it. Failure will result in your return to the Armed Forces as Majors. That is all.

I will be demoting myself to the rank of Field Master until further notice. Let us all work together to grow, prosper, and return to our former glory. I have full confidence in our abilities. Don't fail me now.


"Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it."
― Apex Jar 'Zanoee

Apex Jar 'Zanoee
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Re: Fleet Downsize

Post by Guest on April 3rd 2014, 7:22 am

You're welcome, Stealth. I kept you safe.

Do not fuck this up.


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